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Tien Minh Lube Co., Ltd., provides high quality products, advanced technologies, considerate services and competitive price. We also have received high credibility from many customers in different industries sectors.

Tien Minh Lubricant Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2010 by members who graduated from university in mechanical engineering. We are all improved abroad and through years of practical experience in the industry.
With understanding, love and passion for the industry, providing quality products, advanced technology, considerate service, competitive price, we have received high credibility from many customers in many different industries sectors such as steel, ceramic, plastic, packaging, paints, wood, textiles, petroleum, food processing....
So for more than 14 years, we have continually developed market despite increasingly fierce competition. We are also very proud to be chosen by many famous manufacturers to represent the world of distribution. Our company has variable good achievements in expanding market share and annual growth so that we can maintain the right to act as agents for many years as well.
Tien Minh is Exclusive Distributor of Lubriplate Lubricants from USA. For 146 years, The Lubriplate Lubricants has manufactured and sold only the highest quality lubricants to all types of industries. We do appreciate your consideration of LUBRIPLATE Lubricants. We realize that we must constantly work to...

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  • Lubriplate Lubricants - Food & Beverage Machinery We manufacture and sell only the highest quality industrial lubricants to all types of industries. The advent of ISO-9000...
  • Screw Air Compressor & Air Treatment With more than 14 years of experience in the air compressor field, we are confident and committed to bringing customer...
  • Diaphragm pumps and Parts Tien Minh supplies spares and diaphargm pumps with many brands : Tapflo, Aro, Wilden, Sandpiper,.. for many industries as
    - Food and...
  • Vacuum pumps We supply new pumps, spare parts and services for vacuum pumps (Becker, DVP, Busch, Elmo Rietschle,..) for many industries as...
  • Centrifugal pumps With high quality product, we supplied to many project in food and beverage industry.
    Wide range of centrifugal pumps in...
  • Others At Tien Minh, we also supply many importing product as:
    - Mechanical seal
    - Brake disc
    - Rotary joint
    - Instrument, sensors, ...
    Please feel...

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